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Timothy D. Robinson
514 Greencrest Dr.
Cecilia, KY 42724
I would like to obtain a position that challenges and utilizes my logical and analytical skills on a daily basis. I have 15 years experience with Linux and gcc, as well as 18 years of professional Java/J2EE programming.
Projects of Interest
I created and maintain an open source project, wavbreaker.
Robinson Technology Solutions, Inc. Cecilia, KY
Programmer/Systems Architect/Analyst 10/2009-Present
Java/J2EE Programming: JBoss, BEA WebLogic, SunOne Web Server, Tomcat, Struts
Developed and deployed multiple java web applications and web services as well as maintenance releases to existing applications.
Northrop Grumman IT Fort Knox, KY
Programmer/Analyst 08/2006-09/2009
Java/J2EE Programming: BEA WebLogic, SunOne Web Server, Tomcat, Struts
Created an online store type application utilizing AJAX heavily.
Wrote javascript code to move the portal pods around and save the positions.
Created a bookmarking feature, similar to, on
Mission Data Louisville, KY
Software Developer Level II 08/2005-07/2006
Wrote a perl script to convert a ClearCase repository to a CVS repository. Saving the file history, comments, user, tags and branches.
Recreated an application that was originally written in Oracle Developer 2000. The current architecture is Java JSPs and Servlets running under the Tomcat web server which hits an Oracle Database.
Modified a php shopping cart application to fit the customers needs.
Northrop Grumman IT Fort Knox, KY
Programmer/Analyst 11/2002-07/2005
Java/J2EE Programming: BEA WebLogic, SunOne Web Server, Tomcat, Struts
I was a programmer on a project that utilizes BEA Weblogic, SunOne Web Server and Oracle as the database. My responsibilities included writing Stateless Session Beans, Message Beans which are driven by a JMS Queue, JSPs and Servlets, JDBC code, Web Services, XML Schemas and creating database structure.
Wrote a web frontend to manage the backend data of an application. The app was written in Java and utilized the Struts framework.
Wrote a SCORM conformant test that is over 200 questions long. The test is all html with javascript to write data to the SCORM data model. The content is generated dynamically by running an xsl stylesheet on an xml document that describes the questions in detail. This provides for great flexibility. For example, if you wanted the first module of the test contain ten questions per page instead of five, you could just edit the xml file and run the xsl stylesheet on it.
Wrote a Java program that synchronizes the LDAP server.
I am fortunate enough to use Linux on my desktop for development.
United Parcel Service Louisville, KY
Jr. UNIX Systems Administrator 04/2001-11/2002
Jr. Systems Programmer 05/2000-04/2001
Setup and maintain multiple Sun and HP systems running Solaris and HP-UX respectively.
Experience with MC/Service Guard clusters, as well as Sun Clustering.
Debug POSIX thread code.
Write scripts for various tasks that are tedious and time consuming.
Microcomputing Services Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green, KY
Student Leader 1999-2000
Imported and maintained cases.
Managed student consultants.
Administered Novell and email accounts.
Responsibilities of the student consultant position as listed below.
Developed a dll that returns the cpu information.
Student Consultant 1997-1999
Maintained the faculty and staff computers of the university.
Was responsible for machine and network installation, replacing and upgrading hardware, troubleshooting problems on-site and over the phone.
First State Bank Hardinsburg, KY
Teller 1996-1997
Maintained a cash drawer, worked with the computer system and did various running work.
Repaired old machines.
Western Kentucky University Bowling Green, KY
BS, Computer Science 1996-2000
Computer Science major and Math minor
GPA: 3.07 overall/3.69 major
Special courses: Networking (TCP/IP), Operating Systems Design Philosophy
Programming: C, C++, Intel and IBM/370 Assembly, Perl, Java, Shell, CGI, HTML, OpenGL, Visual Basic, SQL, PHP, Ruby
Operating Systems: UNIX (Linux, Solaris, HP-UX), DOS, Windows 9x/NT/2000
Applications: Apache, Tomcat, SunOne Web Server, BEA Weblogic
Databases: Oracle, MySQL
Limited electronics experience
Member of Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) 1996 - 2000.
Excellence in Computer Science, Breckinridge County High School 1996.
Outstanding Accounting II Student, Breckinridge County High School 1996.
Scholastic Achievement Award, Breckinridge County High School 1996.
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